1. zbxm:

    Here’s a dubstep remix I made of James Adomian doing Jesse Ventura doing Skrillex noises (also a little Eddie Pepitone).

    Also featuring Doug Benson and Paul F. Tompkins (as Cake Boss).

    Taken from Doug Loves Movies #607 and The Benson Interruption at Bumbershoot.



    Something even more annoying I did with Peacock & Gamble a while back: http://zacbentz.bandcamp.com/track/yaboolaboola

    I snorted I was laughing so hard

    (via jamesadomian)

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    all sorts of priceless in this joint
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    Pretty sure if I just do all my work with this on repeat there’s no way I can fail.
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    you cant sample the truth!!
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    I snorted I was laughing so hard
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