I’ve shipped my swag all over the world. It is always so exciting when I get an order and it is from some far off place. How did they find my site?! They like my stuff!? AWESOME. But now it’s time for some serious business. I want to fill this map up with Rayguns. All of it. I’m looking at you ANTARCTICA!

    So until this map is filled, the first order from any country I haven’t shipped to before will get FREE SHIPPING.¬†*Please email me first to see if your country is ¬†eligible!!*

    I don’t know if I need to tell you how expensive international shipping is. It’s really expensive. So all you peeps from Papua New Guinea better get on it.

    Big Map can be seen here, I’ll be updating it as orders come in.

    South America, where you peeps at!?
    All of Africa. All of you.
    Hey Greenland, what’s up?
    Iceland, you so crazy.
    China, I like your style.
    India’s got it going on.

    Sorry Mars, this is Earth based only. I’ll get you next time

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